Useful API’s/SDK’s

I have tons of useful API’s that I decided to list them.  Some of these I use myself and others I have yet to try.  If API’s had a slogan it would be “Why re-invent the wheel”.  Yes there are times when building something from ground up yourself is the best approach but for most projects that would be overkill.  Just use one of the many thousand API’s out there as long as you follow the licensing that comes with it.

The list:




VncSharp – [FREE] – [OPEN SOURCE].
Excerpt from developers site: “VncSharp is a free and open source (GPL) implementation of the VNC Remote Framebuffer (RFB) Protocol for the .NET FrameworkVNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a cross-platform client/server protocol allowing remote systems to be controlled over a network.”




Add LZMA compression to your program.


more to come…..

I know….funny that I said “tons of useful API’s” yet there are only a couple listed.  Come on, it’s a work in progress.

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