My name is Chris McClenny(squashbrain). I live in Alabama. In my day job, I am a Software Engineer. I have been officially working on Delphi software for over 25 years. I do however work in many different languages. I have a strange interest in programming languages. Not just in what they do but their elegance, individualism, and the inherent differences between them. I enjoy showing other Software Engineers tricks, tips, and new ways to program. It’s fun to see the light bulb turn on in someone’s mind when they all of a sudden get it.

Knowledge should always be shared.

I once met a technician on-site with a network infrastructure rebuild.  Lets call him Bob.  Bob was nice and very knowledgeable. Bob was adding his system to our network.  The whole time, while we were on-site, Bob constantly bragged about having all of these certifications.  Bob said I have this, and that, and this and that.  This went on forever.  I saw Bobs laptop screen as it boot up and as a splash screen, he had one of his most prized certifications pop up as a picture.  Later that day, we had some issue with a device on the net and so he hoped on his laptop and did a network scan.  I was only halfway paying attention while I asked him, what software he used for network scanning.  I was dumbfounded by his reaction.  He spun his laptop around so that I couldn’t see the screen and said “I don’t share my secrets with anyone”.  Don’t be a Bob.  If you have knowledge, even if it seems insignificant to you, share it with someone.  There are people that can use it.

The “squashbrain blog”  gets its name from my Internet handle that I have used for years.  Anytime I post in a chat room, forum, blog comment, I use “squashbrain”.

Also, find me on github:

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